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Mahakal Status 2020

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Status Mahakal 2020  -

In 2020 Friends, today we are sharing with you a very wonderful collection Mahakal Status with devotion for the devotees of Lord Bholenath, which will give strong and firm power to Shiva devotees for their devotion and faith to Lord Shiva Shankar.

Mahakal Status_Mahakal Quotes_SpotyLyriics

Mahadev Status 2020 -

Mahadev is the most important deity in the trinity, in the Bholenath state of Hindu religion, who is known by hundreds of names Bholenath, Mahadev, Shiva Shankar, Neelkanth, Mahesh, Rudra, Gangadhar, Mahakal etc. Millions of devotees of Bhole Baba are still present in the whole world. He is also the god Mahadev, who resides on Mount Kailash with his Ardhangini (Shakti) mother Parvati and his two sons Ganesh and Karthike. Bholenath is worshiped in both Shivalinga and Murti forms. Shiva's neck has the serpent god Virajit and Damru and Trishul in his hands as well as the Trinatradhari. Lord Shiva is kalyanakari and gentle by nature, the second and his Rudra form is also very destructive, so his periods are also known as Mahakal and it is believed that Shiva is the beginning and Shiva is the end, and one day it The world will also dissolve in Shiva itself.

Mahakal Status_Mahakal Quotes_SpotyLyriics

Bholenath Status - Mahakal Status 2020

Friends, do you know why Lord Bholenath is called Bholenath .. ?? While they also reside in the crematorium and whose body is devoured and consumed in a moment, which destroys everything, which is also the age of kalo, they are also the Naths of ghost haunts, yet they are Bholenath… why so…? The So the answer is that Bholenath's philosophical meaning is first - Bhole means childlike innocence, Nath means God or the owner. Lord Shiva is the only deity in the Tridevas who gets pleased very quickly with the devotion of a devotee and gets the desired boon, whether it is a god, or a demon, a demon or whatever creature, Bholenath fulfills everyone's wishes. Huh. There is no ego nor cunning inside Lord Shiva, he is not proud of his power at all and that is why he is Bholenath. Bholebaba knows no politics, nor follows anyone's orders, and none of the worldly attachments of any kind are to Maya Bholebaba. They are always meditated, hence called Bholenath. Special efforts are not required to celebrate Bholenath, but only those people who do devotion to Shiva by doing their deeds with a sincere heart, surely that person deserves the blessings of Bholenath.

Mahakal Status_Mahakal Quotes_SpotyLyriics

Mahakal Status in Hindi -

Babaji From ancient times till today, millions of devotees of Lord Shiva are present all over the world, to maintain this devotion, we are going to share with you all the best collection of Bholenath status 2020 for Shiva devotees (Baba ji) , which will show Shiva devotees of Lord Shiva Will give more strong and firm power to his devotion and faith. Even today, the devotees of Bholebaba pay their respects to each other with respect and honor by saying Har Har Mahadev, Bomb Bomb Bhole, Jai Shiv Shankar, Om Namah Shivaye. Friends, today we are sharing all types of Bhole Baba status for the devotees of Shiv ji like Shiv bhakti status, two line Bholebaba status 2020 for Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram, Shiv Ji Shayari, Two Line Bhole Baba Status in Hindi Language , Mahadev's cannabis, Ganja and Chillam status, Bholenath quotes 2020 images in Hindi, Har har Mahadev status 2020 images, Har Har Mahadev status for whatsapp, Short Bhole Baba quotes in Hindi Wordings, 2 Line Bholenath Shayari, Shiva Bhakti quotes, Damdar Bhole Baba Chilam Status, Akad Wale Mahakal Status in Hindi Fonts, Bholenath Attitude Status for Girls & Boys, Lord Shiva Status in Hindi For Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram Friends Group etc.

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Bholenath status 2020

The forehead Sohe Moon, amidst the Ganges, With reverence, Shivalinga, serene water with mind.
Shiv Shambhu dancing on the beat of drum, Trishuldhari Gangadhar Baba Mahakal Sarveshu.
I am a dead body, without Shiva, Shiva's abode in a dead body, Shiva is my adorable, I am Shiva's slave.
Neither the joy of living, nor the sorrow of death, As long as we have power, we will remain devotees of Mahadev.
Those who have Shiva in their hair, they drink poison there, What will the world burn to them, which is done by embers only.
Do not ask me my identity, I am an incinerator Whose makeup is done by Bhasma, I am a priest of that Bholenath.
Some wealth is crazy, some fame is crazy, My heart like glass, I am just crazy about Mahadev.
When the world gets hard Then my naive one gets out of thousands.
God who writes luck is called And the one who changes is called Bholenath.
Baba is a devotee of Mahakal, he is cool in every situation. Life is a smoke, so we are cool
How can I say that my prayers have been neutralized, Whenever I cried, my Bholenath got news.
Seth people wear diamond pearls and jewelry, We are devotees of naive people and that is why we wear "Rudraksha".
Drink a cup of cannabis, laughing What are you afraid of when you are with your trident?
It was your pleasure that you made me your lover, I was myself, you have made my own.
Leave your mind and worry about the vain, take the name of Shiva, Shiva will do his work, you should do your work.
Mahadev is meaningless without you, I am your word, you mean mine.
O Shivshankar, O Bholenath, We will win every win, just give Harpal with.
This intoxication is not of any vial that descends, These intoxicants belong to Natho's Nath Bholenath, who must keep climbing.
Ram is also his Ravan, his life is also his death, They are Tandava and meditation is also that, knowledge of the ignorant is also that.
The same entity is the same, within which Shivaay resides.
I come to Mahakal at your door, to bow my head, Even 100 births are less naive, to pay for you
Do not know in which disguise they do my work, Whatever I ask for, my Mahadev gives it to me secretly.
I am a crazy child, but I am sincere at heart, I am a little vagabond but I am crazy about you Mahadev.
ॐ Trimbakam yajamahe sugandhimpushivardhanam, Urvarukmiv Bandhanat Mortuary
Adding tax to tax, greetings to Shiva Shiva's attention every moment, all work is successful, Jai Shivshankar.
He walks with his head raised, is obliged to Mahadev, Devotion to Shiva is the story of my life.

Shiv Shankar Status 2020 | Bholenath quotes 2020 Shiv Ji Status 2020 -

Shiv Ji Status 2020 for Whatsapp, FB and Instagram Friends Group

Include the whole world in the word Om Namah Shivaya, May every wish be fulfilled, Bhole Baba.
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Kaal many Mahakal one god, many Mahadev one, Shakti many Shivshakti one eye many Trinetradhari one.
Kaal too, you are great Lok also you, trilok also you, Shiva also you and truth also you.
This heart is from you, this life is from you, How can I forget you, Mahakal is mine to you
I have found every love in the world full of selfishness The scent of holy love has come only from the feet of my Mahadev.
I am far away from public life due to the darkness I am dancing in a crematorium, I am a victim of death.
Hemp in cannabis milk in live breath and dead ashchilam, Even God thinks again and again, he is like a thousand times.
Shiva is entrenched in the universe, Shiva is the truth, both are one, With the help of Shiva, you should see the path of truth. Jai Shiva Shambho, Har Har Mahadev
I am astounded, am astounded, I am broken in mausoleum, I am Shiva, I am Shiva, I am Shiva.
Just saying no makes no god, You have to drink poison like Shiva Shankar.
Rome is Shiva in Rome, Shiva is all over the world, Even today, Shiva is tomorrow, this is Mahakal Shiva.
Shiva is the lamp, Shiva is the wick, If Shiva is not there then everything Jail of Neelkanth Mahadev, Om Namah Shivaya
We are Banarsi, Guru is the shadow of Bholenath on us, For us, Mahadev is the most loved by all.
Bholenath is your abode in every particle, You are special to every devotee and every devotee is special to you.
Bholenath is a big name for your drunk eyes Today what is the job of cannabis cannabis
The namastakas are naive in front of you and don't let them bow anywhere, Just give darshan to Bholenath, even if I die.
We do not die with the power of enemies, We are scared of Bholenath, we do not scare anyone.
I am Aghor, Aghori is my name, Bholenath is adorable to me, and cremation is my abode.
Some say Shiva Shambhu and Shankar some say Kailashapati, If someone says Bhutnath, I should listen to everyone, Baba Bholenath.
Dum dum dum something is drooling, Bomb Bomb Bomb Someone is speaking.
Crying eyes make me laugh only When no one comes, only Mahakal comes.
You will woo your girlfriend, we will woo Bholenath, Celebrate you Valentine, we will celebrate Shivaratri.
Who says I do not look gullible, Only he is seen when no one else is seen.
Bhole your hobbies are unique, Somewhere there are chillams and ganja there are cups of poison.
I see the changing colors of the world, But only Mahadev will see you every moment.
Like sesame oil, flint fire, Your Shambhu is in you, if you can wake up then you are awake.
Whose Nath is Bholenath himself, how did he become an orphan.
When the era gets hard, Then my innocent thousands

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