Mahakal Attitude Status 2020

Mahakal Attitude Status

Mahakal Attitude Status 2020

Mahakal Attitude Status - Friends, today we are going to share a very brilliant and powerful collection Mahakal Attitude Status for the devotees of Mahadev with all of you, in which you will get a glimpse of Mahadev being Mahakal, Mahakal which is Rudra and fierce form of Lord Shiva and Those who belong to Kaal are also Kaal. Which contains only fire, anger, apocalypse, destruction of the wicked, victory of religion and truth. These collections are for all the Shiva devotees who do Shiva devotion, worship Shiva as their adorable value.

Mahakal Attitude status in hindi

Mahakal is one of the most mysterious forms of Lord Shiva. The first incarnation of Shiva is considered to be the first incarnation of Mahakal. The power of this incarnation is considered to be Mother Mahakali. Presently, Lord Bholenath sits in the pilgrimage town of Ujjain as Mahakal. The name of Shiva in the Vedas comes in the form of 'Rudra'. Rudra means terrible. Rudra is the god of destruction and welfare. According to mythology, in ancient times, a demon named Dushan caused havoc and terror in the entire city of Ujjain, Lord Shiva killed him to free him from the terror of demon corruption. Then the Shiva devotees of the city of Ujjain requested Lord Shiva to settle the same and Bholenath settled there as Mahakal. Shrungarshiva was worshiped by the ashes of corruption and then adorned himself with his ashes. For this reason, this temple was named Mahakaleshwar and aarti was started with the worship of Shivling. This temple is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of India. Jyotirlinga means the place where Bholenath established himself. The anger of Shiva is as innocent as his anger, so his name is also Rudra in the Puranas. Jatajutdhari, inhabited by incinerated body, wrapped snake in the neck, wearing garlands of Rudraksha, Chandra in Jata, stream of Ganga, trident in hand and tiger in Kati and Shiva living barefoot reside in Kailash. Mother Parvati is his wife or power and he is the father of Ganesh and Karthikeya.

Mahakal Status In Attitude  -

Mahakal Attitude Status 2020

Mahadev, who is known by many names like Bholenath, Bhole Baba, Kaal Ka Mahakal, Trilokinath, Neelkanth, Shiva Shankar, Shiva Shambhu, Jatadhari, Ardhanareeswara, etc., Lord Shiva has incarnated many times on earth, and is known all over the world. Devotees are spread and echoes of Mahadev are heard in this universe from all sides. When there was nothing on this earth, Mahadev existed before that, and from the beginning to the end Mahadev will be inhabited because Shiva is the beginning, and Shiva is the end, everything is found in Shiva itself. Lord Shiva is also known as Trinetra Dhari and when this third eye of Bholenath opens, then there is a great disaster and there is an outcry in all the three worlds and the destruction of this great disaster only leads to apocalypse. Lord Shiva is also called Mahadev, the God of Gods and all Gods and Goddesses get worship by worshiping Mahadev.

Status Mahakal In Attitude -

Mahakal Attitude Status 2020

Friends, in this article you will get all kinds of Mahakal Attitude status like Jai Mahakal Status in Hindi Fonts for Boys & Girls, Devo ke Dev Har Har Mahadev Status in Hindi, Kala Kai Jai Mahakal Status Status in Hindi language, Dev Ka Har Dev Har Mahadev status shayari, shiva bhakti quotes, two line mahadev status for whatsapp, facebook and instagram, Shiv Ji Shayari, Two Line Bhole Baba Status in Hindi, Mahakal Images with Quotes in Hindi Langauge, Short Har Har Mahadev Shayari in Hindi Wordings, Latest Mahakal Status Photos, Damdar Bhole Baba Chilam Status, Akad Wale Mahakal Status in Hindi, Bholenath or Shiv Ji Bhagwan Par Attitude Lines in Hindi, Lord Shiva Status in Hindi For Whatsapp, Mahadev's Bhang, Ganja and Chillam Status, Mahakal Quotes Images in Hindi Characters, Facebook and Instagram Friends Group etc.

Mahakal Attitude status 2020

Who are the tricks of time, are the shield of their devotees,
Change the world in a moment, it is a great time.

Thunder rose up, leave the sea
When the whole world is shaken, when the slogan of Mahakal echoes.

Ganges settled in Ganja, Char Dham in Chilam,
Shankar settled in Kankar, and Mahakal in the world.

He alone bathes in the whole world with dead ashes,
Not only that, they are called the great times of the times.

Shiva devotees do not bow down to anyone,
What will that Kaal also do before Mahakal.

Neither should I stay high or low nor do I stay in caste
May you be in my heart, Mahakala, and I will be in my heart.

The whole brahmands bow to which,
I salute them in the phase of Mahakal.

Someone told me you are not so beautiful,
I said that devotees of Mahakal like the dreaded.

What should be the shock on Kaal too,
The man on whom Mahakala has his hand.

Tilak dhari sab pe bahi hai, Jai Shri Mahakal identity

Don't know who i am and where i want to go
Mahadev is my destination and the rate of Mahakal is my destination.

Like you will see Siyapati Shri Ram in Hanumanji's chest
Look at you Sina rip, you will get Baba Mahakal.

They are afraid of storms, whose lives are in their minds,
He laughs even after seeing death, in whose heart Mahakal dwells.

The name of spreading fear
If someone asks, the devotee has returned to Mahakal.

Don't punish me so much, you will see me
And what is the status of the Mirchi that will take your eyes off.

Do not run away from death will do you a favor
After life, Matru will reunite you with Mahadev.

Eye has opened third, Shiva Shambhu Trikala,
In this Kali-yuga, only he who remains a devotee will be of Mahakal.

We are swords are our queen
Dadagiri does it at all, the rest is due to Mahakal.

Har Har Mahadev Attitude Status 2020 | Mahadev shayari in two line
Mahadev Status 2020

Har Har Mahadev Status 2020 | Bhang Ganja Chilam Status on Mahakal 2020

Do not ask me my identity, I am an incinerator
Whose adornment is done, I am a priest of that Mahakal.

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What has it reduced, new headlines have come in the air,
The fragrance is spread in the air, of course Mahadev has lit the chillum.

Make up your beauty with Chita Bhasma,
Kaal is also helpless with his hands folded in front of you.

Not worried about time,
May only the grace of my greatness remain.

The same happy, same weird, same luck,
Whose god Mahadev is the guardian.

Lions do not die due to the increased number of dogs,
And the people of Mahakal do not stop anyone's father.

We are crazy about Mahadev, let the chest go,
This is the forest of Mahadev, here lions thrive during Mahakal.

The loss of body, mind, theft of mind,
What should be hidden from that Mahakal, whose hand is the lanyard.

Surat Teri is adorned with cannabis, how can Karu praise it,
Mahakala will be visible only when my eyes are red.

I can not bow down, I am a part of gallantry,
Burn the iniquity, I am the slave of Mahadev.

The greatest is your court, you are the follower of all
Punish or forgive Mahadev, you are our government.

Not politics, but desire to rule the hearts,
This is the teaching of my Guru Baba Mahakal.

When peace is not found in the colony,
Then I get lost in the fun of my great times.

The lover of Maya falls apart,
And the lover of Mahakal flourishes.

I keep away from the love of pretense,
That is why I stay drunk during Mahakal.

No months are counted, no years are accounted for,
Love still remains unaccounted for since Mahakal.
Jai Shri Mahakala

I am Aghor, Aghori is my name,
Mahakal is adorable me, and cremation is my abode.

Left wealth, left the world, left all the treasure,
In the love of Mahakal, the Divans left the royal family.

Mahakal Attitude Status for Whatsapp & FB 2020 | Jai mahadev status 2020
Mahakal Attitude Status in Hindi 2020

Kalo Ke Kaal Mahakal Attitude Status in Hindi | Shiv Bhakti Quotes 2020

na ginakar deta hain, na tolakar deta hain,jab bhee mera mahaakaal deta hain, dil khol kar deta hain.

ham mahaakaal naam kee shama ke chhote se paravaane hain,kahane vaale kuchh bhee kahe ham to mahaakaal ke divaane hain.

karta kare na kar sakai, shiv karai so hoy,teen lok nau khand mein, mahaakaal se bada na kojay shree mahaakaal.

main choom loo maut ko agar meree ek praarthana vo sveekaaratee ho,bas meree chita kee raakh se baaba mahaakaal bhasma aaratee ho.

akaal maut vo mare, jo kaam kare chandaal ka,kaal bhee usaka kya bigaade, jo bhakt ho mahaakaal ka.

kya karoonga main ameer ban kar,mera ‪mahaakaal to ‪phakeer‬ ka deevaana hain.

mahaankaal ka naara laga ke, duniya mein ham chha gaye,dushman bhee chhupakar bole vo dekho mahaankaal ka bhakt aa gaya.

karoon kyon fikr kee maut ke baad jagah kahaan milegee,jahaan hogee mere mahaadev kee mahaphil meree rooh vahaan milegee.

main sultaan nahee hoon, jo pit pit kar winnair banu,main mahaakaal ka bhakt hoon, ek hee baar mein svaaha karoo.

koee mujhase mera sab kuchh chheen sakata hain,par mahaakaal kee deevaanagee, mujhase koee nahee chheen sakata.

too raaja kee raajaduloree, main sirf langote aala su,bhang ragad ka piya karoon main khaalee sote aala su.

vo lamha meree zindagee ka bada anamol hota hain,jab mere mahaakaal kee baaten yaaden aur maahaul hota hain.

ham mahaadev ke divaane hain, taan ke seena chalate hain,ye mahaadev ka jangal hain, jahaan sher karate dangal hain.

jab bhee main apane bure haalaato se ghabaraata hoon,tab mere mahaakaal kee aavaaj aatee hain, rook main abhee aata hoon.

mahaakaal naam kee chaabee aisee jo har taale ko khole,kaam banengen usake saare jo “jay mahaakaal” bole.

chal raha hoon dhoop mein to mahaakaal teree chhaaya hain,sharan hain teree sachchee baakee to sab moh maaya hain.

mahaakaal vo hastee hain, jisase milane ko duniyaan tarasatee hain,aur ham usee mahephil mein roj baitha karate hain.

jab mujhe yakeen hain ke mahaadev mere saath hain, to is se koee phark nahin padata ke kaun mere khilaaph hain. 

High Attitude Mahakal Shayari for Boys 2020 | Mahakal Quotes
Mahadev Attitude Status 2020

Jai Mahadev Attitude Status 2020 for Whatsapp & FB for Nawabi Boys

Without you my great age i am zero
You are with Mahakal, so I am infinite.

You get your devotion after Mahadev big time,
I will get Mahadev after burning you in the summit.

Please sit in the Mahakal's Mahadeal, sir
The style of the king will come automatically.

They fear death, whose actions are stained,
We are devotees of Mahakal, we have fire in our blood.

Hey my great, you are strangely the owner of the bank,
Khote coins like mine are also protected.

The fool had gone on to win me as an enemy,
Had I fallen in love with my MAHAKAL, I would have lost myself.
Jai Mahakaal

Smells of hemp and cannabis from somewhere,
Perhaps the window is left open for the court of 'Mere Mahakal'.

Neither Shikwa from luck, nor good complaint,
The life in which Mahadev was kept is good.

Unknown I will learn slowly now,
But I will not make an identity by bowing to anyone.

Who says FOGG is running in India?
Here only the devotees of Mahakal are in awe.

Palanki is coming, Rajadhiraj of Lord Mahakal
..Jai Shri Mahakala..

The earth will dance, the sky will swing,
When will there be a city tour of Mahakal king.

Write my destiny in love,
Let me do some charisma and get me the great grandfather.

If someone becomes crazy then someone becomes a fakir
Whatever you see Mahakal, it becomes a picture of itself.

Life is a smoke, knowing it will stop
Do my devotion to Mahakal, life will be successful.

People often say that I am crazy,
What do they know that I am the beloved of my Baba Mahakal?

Do not forget the past, the present is yet
This is a wave of Mahakal, storms are yet to come.

We are crazy about that Kapali Mahakal
Who also rule the hearts of the Aghoris.

Kalo Ke Kaal Jai Mahakal 2020 Status | Mahakal shayari image
Mahadev status 2020

Mahadev status image | Full Attitude Mahakal Status 2020 | Shiv ji status 2020

At the feet of Mahadev, there is a spring of mercy,
But flows are on the same mind as Mahadev Mahadev Ramta.

Those who trust the world are worried
Those who do, trust Mahakal, they sleep peacefully.

It's fun to live,
Unless Mahadev settles in your chest

I put myself at the feet of Mahakal,
The world is our great age, now understood this much.

Seek anyone who has asked for Mahakal,
He has found who has suffered as much pain as he has.

Come and see my Mahadev today by partition,
The whole world is yours and only you mine.

Neither am I a poet, nor do I have anything to do with poetry.
It has become a hobby to narrate Mahadev Teri Yaado.

Mahadev, you are riding a fortune of millions
Give me comfort, now it's my turn.

I should be floored
Dear lakhs, your desperate heart is mine.

There are naiyas in the midst, there are big edges,
Now you tell me who is our Mahakal here.

Do not expose someone's mistakes,
Mahakal is sitting, do not calculate.

I am crazy but true to heart,
I am a little awara, but Mahakala will be yours.

I am very heartbroken and want to cry a lot,
I want to sleep with Mahakal on your lap.

We have put ourselves at the feet of Mahakal,
The world is our great age, now understood this much

Even in the eyes where a burning lamp will be found,
Asking that lamp, you will get the address of Mahakal.

Where do you find the cities of desires
The stubbornness of walking is also necessary to get Mahakal.

Mahakala Teri Meri Preet is old, doubtless no scope
Always keep these steps in small steps.

Mahakala is those who are not, and those who are not are Mahakal.

Mahakal Attitude Shayari Image | Shiva Bhakti Quotes | Mahadev Status 

Mahakal Status for Whatsapp | Jai Mahakal Quotes

We are also his disciples, who had no teacher. Jai Mahakaal.

Which God is afraid of, this is my Mahadev.

Where people come to an end,
That is where the sovereignty of the devotees of Mahakal begins.

How much effort someone can make, can spoil nothing
Because we are children, the name is Mahakal.

The courtesans of Mahākal are beloved,
Remain silent, your lawsuit continues in action.

We ourselves are slaves of Baba Mahakal, who is the king of all.

Orgy is like a sight of heaven,
Raz also becomes gold when Mahakal is your help.

Where people end their NAWABI,
BADSHAHI starts just from the Mahakala Diwans.

Shiva is eternal, eternal, universality,
Those who are oblivious to birth, death and time are themselves Mahakal.

Forehead tilak will never go away
And as long as I am alive, the name of Mahakal will not be erased from the mouth.

Kaal too, you are great
Lok also you, trilok also you, satyam too you and truth also you.

It's not so hard to find us my friend,
Just the moment in which the voice of Mahakal is echoing 

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