2 line attitude status | attitude status in hindi 2 line

2 line attitude status | attitude status in hindi 2 line -

2 line attitude status attitude status in hindi 2 line

2 line attitude status - Somebody has told the truth that this world will only respect you when you respect yourself. You should never compromise your self-esteem in any situation. There is a very subtle difference in self-respect and pride, we respect someone as long as they take care of our dignity, it is a matter of our self-respect, on the other hand, we also respond to the loving behavior of the person in front of them brutally. If we give, then it is our attitude. We all must cultivate self-esteem within ourselves because it helps us to move forward while pride always leads us to the trough. In this order, friends, today we are going to tell you some such 1 and 2 Line Attitude Status which will help you a lot in telling people about you.

2 line attitude status attitude status in hindi 2 line

Today's title is 2 line attitude status, as the name itself suggests that we will talk about the short status for WhatsApp and Facebook. In Stage of the Life nowadays people use status for Profile to tell their complete routine. By not writing too long status nowadays people use one or 2 line short status for whatsapp and Facebook knowledge to 2 lines attitude status for whatsapp status most people use then When people want to tell their entire routine in very few words like attitude status in hindi 2 line, when people on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and more other social Groups, When they does, they uses one and 2 line attitude status.

2 line attitude status attitude status in hindi 2 line

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2 line attitude status |attitude status in hindi 2 line

If it is not mine then there is nothing surprising in it,
Because the goat is not so much attached to the lion !!

vo mere na hui to isamen hairat ki koi baat nahi,
kyonki sher se dil lagaaye bakari ki itani aukaat nahi !!

 Who says love happens once,
If the heart is shameless then it happens again and again !!

kaun kahata hai pyaar ek baar hota hai,
agar dil besharm ho to baar baar hota hai !!

 Someone walks on the footprints,
Creates a footprint !!
Best and Top Status For Facebook and Whatsapp
koi chalata hai pad chihnon par,
koi pad-chihn banaata hai !!

 Hearing Pagli Senty is not in our nature,
Bhag re chhori this boy is not in your luck !!

sun pagali sainty hona hamaari phitarat mein nahin,
bhaag re chhori ye ladaka teri kismat mein nahin !!

 Who says that we are not a weapon,
Si how much my heart mits your heart !!

kaun kahata hai hamashakal nahin hote,
dekh zara mera dil tere dil se kitana milata hai !!
Best and Top Status For Facebook and Whatsapp
 She is angry like this, I will really convince her,
What does he know in such a long time, I will get 10 more!

 rootha hai vo is tarah jaise main sach mein use mana loonga,
use kya pata itane vakt mein to mai 10 aur pata loonga !!

 You would still think that I am alone,
Maybe you don't know that the king is never alone !!
Best and Top Status For Facebook and Whatsapp
too aaj bhi yahi sochati hogi ki mai akela hoon,
shaayad tumhen maalum nahi ki raaja kabhi akela nahi hota !!

 If you give them too much attention,
Brotherhood will swagger, it will increase their !!

agar tum unhen had se jyaada attaintion doge to,
bhaisaab akad to badh hi jaayegi unaki !!

 The number of girls Attitude shows on Facebook,
With that, Handsome goes to the village to fid buffalo !!

facebook me jitani ladakiya attitude dikhati hai,
usse handsome to gaanv mein bhains charaane jaati hai !!

 Attitude that was yesterday is today, and
I live my life like Baap's secret !!
Best and Top Status For Facebook and Whatsapp
attitude jo kal tha vo aaj hai, aur
jindagi aise jita hoon jaise baap ka raaj hai !!

 Listen to life, you stay here,
We can change the situation !!

jindagi sun, too yahin pe rukana,
ham haalaat badal ke aate hai !!

 Keep close neighbors have no faith in life,
Then do not say that even went and did not even tell !!
One Word Status For Facebook and Whatsapp
rakha karo najadikiyo jindagi ka kuchh bharosa nahi,
phir mat kahana ki chale bhi gaai aur bataaya bhi nahin !!

 Show whatever attitude you want to show,
365 is too low for you to break my mind !!

jitana bhi attitude dikhaana hai dikha lo,
mera guroor todane ke lie tum jaise 365 bhi kam hai !!

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